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HAPPINESS This happiness that they see: it is a front, a facade… - Mirror [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 12th, 2003|01:54 pm]


[mood |angryangry]


This happiness that
they see: it is a front,
a facade that wind
and rain will tear down.
My tears will slowly
wear it away until
nothing is left and my
sould is bared for all to
see. Then they'll come
and stab at me. Poke
me and draw anger;
slice my skin and
draw my crimson blood.
It will stain my clothes
dark red; brick red;
brownish. This
happiness is not me.
I don't know how
to laugh anymore.
I only know how
to cry today. I cry
today and everyday.
Every day past and
every day to come, I
cry. But it doesn't
release the feelings
that I lock away
in a safe because
of fear that they
might see that I
am weak and
cannot be strong.
They'd see that I
have many fronts;
I can bend and
flex to their every
will, to every command.
I do not understand the
word "no." I have
rarely said it. I could
always take on more
whatever they wanted,
I'd be willing to give-
Time, money, energy; all
is sacrificed for them.
I hold them at arm's
length so that there is
no chance of them
finding the key to my
locked box of secrets.
So now I smile and
bare my teeth for the
world to see, grin
and bear it, and
put on the
happiness front that
they "know" is me.

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